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Published On: Thu, Feb 16th, 2017 at 6:55am

Rachel Alice Johnson – Lights On

With her Open Angel debut single released some 14 months ago, attracting discerning attention around Edinburgh’s shrewder clubs and diva dives, Rachel Alice Johnson now releases her much less angelic latest single/YouTube video Lights On this week.

It bears the bracketed caveat of ‘explicit’. Indeed, her midnight cars hissing by, Old Town, under-arch location provides considerably more cover than her in-extremis little black dress and suspenders afford. To a cavernous tribal drum crash, panther on heat prowl-growl guitar riff and swampy dronal dirge, RAJ lasciviously fantasises all manner of bodily distractions leaving little to the imagination.

Whilst this might appear inconsistent with some advocates of the feminist agenda – it nevertheless provides a disingenuous distraction from a not totally original genre.

Notwithstanding all of this, RAJ’s USP killer app celebrates a potent soiree of Siren sultry sense of timing, a voice more husky than a Trans-Alaskan sled race together with Ice Queen eyes to match.

Check it out – maybe just the distraction you have been looking for your Minecraft obsessed little brother. (Tom Hardy’s Taboo Season 2 take note.)

Rachel Alice Johnson – LIGHTS ON (Explicit)
Rachel Alice Johnson – ‘LIGHTS ON’ – released 16th February 2017. Performed by Rachel Alice Johnson Directed/Edited by Vhairi Motherwell Cinematography by La.

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