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Published On: Fri, Mar 10th, 2017 at 2:03pm

Tommy Sheppard holding public meeting on Saturday

Edinburgh East MP Tommy Sheppard is hosting a public meeting with panellists Professor Nicola McEwan and journalist Simon Pia to explore what happens next for Scotland as the UK prepares to exit the EU.

The meeting provides a unique opportunity for the people of Edinburgh East to hear from academia, journalism and politics about what options lie ahead for Scotland.

Ahead of the meeting Tommy commented: “As Theresa May prepares to trigger Article 50, there are numerous unanswered questions.  Despite the Lords successful amendments, it’s likely they’ll be defeated again next week meaning we’ll be leaving the EU with no guarantees on the rights of EU citizens living and working in the UK.

“Nor do we have guarantees on workers’ rights, more powers coming to the Scottish Government or human rights legislation.

“This meeting is an opportunity to discuss these issues and consider what Scotland wants from its future. We might not have all the answers but it’s vital that we keep asking questions.”

Where: Edinburgh Central Methodist Church, Nicolson Square, Edinburgh

When: Saturday 11th March at 2.30pm


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  1. liz cameron says:

    what will happen on the 29th is the thousands of cases hmrc has been unable to to tackle under the Eu n VAT regs ,will be acted upon .

    There are hundreds of taxpayers whose Tax returns can’t be accepted till holyrood politicians release data and there are thousands of property sales where the deeds have not actually been transferred . Holyrood knew this when it was established and has not tackled the issue in 18 years just as it has failed to combat the sale of LTD companies with no comp registration to the tax office as occurs in every other country on the planet . Just look at the increasing international condemnation of Scotlands Medieval system ,more n more articles in our daily press ,what was it yesterday 16 billion salted out of Russia ,a huge % using scottish bucket shops ! The msp’s ARE SUPPOSED to earn money by meeting 21st century needs not dwelling on medieval 12th century wants . Dwelling to the point of addiction.

  2. liz Cameron says:

    if any one needs verification of my previous comment they just need to google “corrupt Scottish Lawyers ” and look at the figure of articles google can find ,then repeat with the similar sized DEnmark and 1 /20th that figure comes up .

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