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Published On: Wed, Nov 15th, 2017 at 6:00am

Boxing – Ramos underestimated Cameron

Edith Ramos came to Edinburgh last weekend with a tough-as-teak reputation.
She also jetted in from Mexico seeking to win the IBO Inter-Continental super featherweight title.

Nobody had told her that English-born Chantelle Cameron had exploded onto the British boxing scene. Did her management team not check this out?

Sadly, it did not take the South American long to find out that this was going to be a distressing evening.

Cameron’s first few jabs left an impression. By the end of the first round, the Mexican was on the run around the 22ft ring, trying to dodge Cameron’s two-fisted attacks.

Her right hand was particularly potent and the Northampton-based boxer did not let up. Ramos’ facial expression spoke volumes.

It must have felt like being in a cage from which there was no escape. Punches powered through her defence and the little Mexican, who entered the ring only minutes previously all smiles wearing a huge sombrero, dissolved into tears on her stool.

The referee came over and asked is she was OK. All fighters say they are but Ramos, privately, must have been looking for a way out.

Even the most seasoned boxing fans ringside – me included – felt for her.

Cameron came forward in the third. She did the professional thing. Mercifully, the end came after 1min 4sec of the third.

The Mexican’s record now reads six wins, one draw and two defeats and the 9 stone 3lb 2oz boxer will not forget her painful and brief trip to Scotland.

It must leave a mark and the tears left an impression on this wrinkly ringside observer and perhaps others sitting at Ingliston and watching at home on TV.

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