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Edinburgh-based Artemis Investment Management Limited sponsor a variety of sporting events. This weekend their rowing team made it across the Atlantic from New York to The Scilly Isles in record time. The Telegraph has the story of endurance and bravery of the four rowers led by Leven Brown from  Edinburgh. There is also a video on BBC online.

This is only one of the events they sponsor. There is Artemis Ocean Racing ‘Backing British sailing with a long term vision for success’. This is not just a bunch of rich guys sponsoring something so that they can get some publicity or corporate hospitality out of it. This is a desire to find ways to help young people acquire new skills and get the most out of all of the opportunities that life might present, as well as helping to raise money for charity.

They sponsor the Artemis Offshore Academy Development Squad for British people over 18 who must be mentally tough and physically fit. There is a selection process in Weymouth between 13th and 26th September and you can apply online by clicking here. You have until the 20th August to apply.

Then there is the  Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon.   This year’s event took place in July 2010 so you have missed it but you have plenty of  time to get ready for this gruelling event in 2011.  Here is a wee taster on YouTube just in case you are keen.

Then there is the Artemis Highland 100 which takes place on 11 September 2010. There’s a video of that on YouTube too….Might be a bit late to get fit for that this year……