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Roseburn park mural dp 220x150

Children who helped create a spectacular mural in Roseburn Park were congratulated in a special ceremony at the park on Thursday 11 August 2011.

It took 15 children and specialist graffiti artists up to 2 days to complete the project which was designed to show how graffiti can be used to create works of art and assist in reducing vandalism.

Where previously the Armoury wall was an unsightly space often targeted by vandals, it has now become a colourful mural displaying the various features of life in Roseburn Park.

Anti-graffiti paint has now been used to protect the mural from any future vandalism.

Councillor Paul Edie, Community Safety Leader, said: -“This innovative approach to tackling graffiti has proved to be extremely successful. The mural has completely transformed this area of Roseburn Park, and it’s great to know that local children were involved in creating this.”

This idea was first raised by the Friends of Roseburn Park who worked in conjunction with The City of Edinburgh Council and Zap Graffiti to create the display.