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Published On: Sun, Oct 16th, 2011 at 1:37pm

Protesters set up camp in Edinburgh

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Around 30 anti-greed protesters camped out overnight in Edinburgh’s St Andrew Square.

Saturday had seen approximately 200 people gather in the square to support  the Occupy Edinburgh campaign. The group intends to maintain a permanent presence there, and this morning there were a number of tents in evidence.

The event was one of hundreds held in cities throughout the world. While some larger protests such as that in Rome errupted into violence the event in Edinburgh was largely peaceful.

The protesters plan to remain in Edinburgh for the forseeable future as they feel the longer they stay then it will become harder for the authorities to move them on. The campaign started in America with the Occupy Wall Street group and has spread to other major cities acroos the world including London, Rome and Glasgow.



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  1. nome deplunb says:

    Something is very sad when folk can give up their lives and camp -suppose we all did it- who would benefit..Squalid as T in the Park-

    NO its selfish and stupid and indulgent,they will want feed and watered, and expect to have all their rights observed-only because we are a free country and allow such crass behaviour- GO do something useful as a protest , clean up rubbish-start with the Camp

  2. Thom says:

    Nice one guys! Solidarity!

  3. […] to October, when the tents were first pitched, the people of Edinburgh regarded Occupy with genuine goodwill and they were prepared to listen to […]

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