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A large group of cyclists today  gathered outside St Andrews House in Edinburgh to call on The Scottish Government to invest in cycling and walking and low carbon transport, and fully fund their own plans to meet Scotland’s climate change targets. The group met with Tranposrt Minister Keith Brown to hand over a list of their demands. We also spotted Green MSP, Alison Johnstone and Labour MSP Claudia Beamish among the cyclists.


Tom Ballantine, Chair of event organiser Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, said:

“The government must now step up and fully fund all of the measures set out in its own plans to meet our climate change targets, the Low Carbon Scotland Report on Proposals and Policies.

“In particular the government needs to reverse cuts to funding for cycling and walking in the 2012/2013 budget and instead invest in sustainable, low carbon transport, which is why so many people have turned up here today.”

This demo was organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland. Organisations represented will among others include WWF Scotland, Friends of the Earth Scotland, Transform Scotland, Spokes and WDM Scotland.

The action was supported by cycling ace Chris Boardman MBE, Britain’s most successful cyclist to date, although he was not actually in Scotland for the event.

Chris Boardman said:

“It’s great to see that so many people in Scotland are enthusiastic about cycling as a low carbon form of transport.  We all have a responsibility to help tackle global warming and this is a clean, healthy way to help reduce our carbon emissions.

“To get people on their bikes, and make sure Scotland plays its part in addressing climate change, there needs to be proper investment in cycling infrastructure.”



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