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William Black is the  Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition candidate for Southside/Newington Ward.

We have no further details for him at this time but if you do then please email us. We also require a copy of his election leaflet. (We believe we have a photo if someone will confirm that he is the William Black who was Occupy’s spokesman)

The Scottish Anti-Cuts Coalition says:

1, Our candidates oppose and if elected will vote against all cuts to jobs, pay, services, pensions, benefits etc. Only cuts we support are those that would cut the income of rich and big business the bankers.

2. Our candidates if elected will put forward needs budgets that protect services, our communities and jobs. Our Councillors will help lead a mass campaign to demand a return of the money stolen by the ConDem’s to invest in public services.

3. We oppose all privatisation which is increasingly on the agenda in local government. We stand for the abolition of PFI/PPP schemes that are a huge drain on public resources.

4. Full support for workers and trade unions in the public and private sector, the communities and young people who are taking action to fight against the cuts. For a united fightback against austerity and cuts. Abolish and oppose all anti-trade union laws.

5. We will support progressive policies including making the rich elite pay increased tax, and for increased tax on big business. We are for public ownership of the banks the privatised utilities and the big corporations. Public ownership would allow investment in jobs and services, which are needed now more than ever.


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