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Mortonhall – Murrayburn Kick Pitch – The Scotsman – Weather – Today at The Cameo

The Mortonhall scandal uncovered by The Edinburgh Evening News has not yet been resolved by the council. The auditing and enquiry process appears to be taking longer than anticipated, and so the council have decided to allow affected parents to look at any records relating to their child which have already been inspected by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the independent auditors.

An enquiry headed up by Dame Elish Angiolini was commissioned by the council in January, but that enquiry has not yet started, although the council confirmed that the former Lord Advocate has begun background research.


We were out in Murrayburn Gardens yesterday to have a look at the newly renovated kick pitch there. Watch our video! 



Commenting on the announcement of further media job losses in Scotland, with the news that 30 editorial staff face redundancy at The Scotsman, Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop said:

“It is deeply disappointing to hear that there look set to be further job losses in the Scottish media. We are already seeing job losses at the BBC that risk the quality of news reporting. Job losses at the Scotsman, alongside repeated redundancies in other parts of the industry raise further concerns.

“At what is one of the most exciting times in Scotland’s story there is a need for strong and balanced journalism across the board. It is increasingly hard for professional journalists to produce the high-quality work that built Scotland’s reputation for journalism when faced with continued cuts. There is no doubt the media, and the consumption habits of readers, are changing and we must all move with the times, but there is no substitute for quality journalism in any format.”

Stewart Stevenson and Lesley Riddoch have both written broadly similar articles suggesting that true debate over independence could offer some kind of answer for The Scotsman.


@CyclinEdin has reminded us this morning that one way to see what the roads are like before you venture out is to look at the live cameras. We had forgotten! But here they are for you to check your route before driving. Take care!


Six films for you today at The Cameo. The Edinburgh Reporter has seen Arbitrage which was gripping and tense, but looking forward to seeing Trance as well… Want to let us know what you think about it? Send us a review below in no more than six sentences!

Here is a trailer to keep you going….