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Hi Can you please post something for me about my missing mobile phone?

I was on a night out on Saturday 16 March 2013, and on the way home I left my mobile in the taxi. It contains about 2 years worth of pictures and videos of my two young kids and I would pay anything to get them back.

The taxi was picked up from the rank at the top of Leith Walk about 1am (Sunday morning), then dropped off at Balgreen Park around 1.20/ 1.30am

The phone was activated at 4am when it called my sister (no message) but again a couple of mins later called a friend. She said it sounded like someone had sat on the phone and dialled by accident. By the time I woke up at 8am and tried to call again the phone was switched off.

I have sent a few texts/ emails and called the phone repeatedly but it went straight to voicemail. I ended up calling my service provider later that day to block the phone.

Now that it’s blocked its useless to whoever has it – unless they are planning to sell it on. Its a brand new samsung galaxy s3 so is probably worth money.

If I’m being positive then the cabbie found it and just hasn’t had time to hand it in yet but I fear the worst and someone is (or already has) sold it on.

I am willing to pay them whatever they want just for the safe return of the memory card – I dont’ care about the phone. I just want my pictures back.

I contacted Central Taxis who confirm they had no-one in that area at the time so it wasn’t their cab. Although they have put out a message to their cabbies.

I contacted com cabs who did not confirm whether it could have been one of theirs or not but did say they would put a message out to all the cabbies.

I contacted City Cabs but no response from them so far.

Anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated, As I said I will offer any reward necessary to get my beloved pictures back.


Submitted by rachal narrie