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img_20130605_135534If you go down to Leith Library tonight………you will find teddy bears sleeping there….among the books and with eyes wide open….except that teddy bears apparently get up to all sorts of nonsense during the night!

This is another brilliant idea from Leith Library’s Reader in Residence, Emily Dodd, and this is her lovely teddy bear in the photo. He has the original moniker, Bear, and is described as follows:-“He’s brilliant! He likes stories, games and climbing up things. He likes having his tummy tickled. He’s kind to smaller bears but gets scared of bigger bears. He doesn’t like loud noises. He loves music. He’s a little shy when meeting new bears. He loves cake.”

The twenty bears will belong to children aged 3 to 5 who have already booked them a bed for the night, and they will be collected tomorrow along with a free book for their owner.

You can follow the proceedings on Twitter here or by using the hashtag #leithbears and you can see some of the bears who have already signed up here on Facebook.

The Edinburgh Reporter hopes they all have a lovely time – and that they behave themselves!

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