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TWO HIGH Wau Wau Sisters lo res

NYC’s Wau Wau Sisters return to the Edinburgh Fringe in their sequel to 2010’s outrageous smash show ‘Last Supper’. Garnering rave reviews from audiences and critics alike, it became one of the most talked about shows of the Fringe and has since sold out shows at The Sydney Opera House, The Famous Spiegeltent at Victoria Arts Center, Perth Fringe World, The Roundhouse and The Brisbane Festival, causing stirs, controversies and the occasional threat by religious loonies! The sequel: The Wau Wau Sisters Are Naked As The Day They Were Born Again returns hot on the high-heels of The Last Supper and the sisters are funnier, sexier and saucier than ever before!

Tanya Gagne and Adrienne Truscott (same dad, different moms) have collaborated together as The Wau Wau Sisters (pronounced Vow Vow) since 1999 and bring their unique blend of singing, striptease and saucy repartee back to the Famous Spiegeltent at Assembly Rooms for 9 shows only from 12th-20th August! Featuring witty banter, aerial high-jinks and bawdy burlesque, The Wau Wau Sisters have thrilled audiences throughout the world with their chaotic collision of cabaret, comedy and circus. Straddling (literally) the gap between performance art and party, The Wau Wau Sisters’ exhilarating style and anarchic antics take audiences on a ride from their glittering re- birth through to spectacular finale by way of song, dance, acrobatics and audience participation always teetering on the brink of delicious disaster!

The Sisters have nothing to wear and nothing to lose as they arrive in Edinburgh once again, stripped of their worldly possessions – their beloved props, homemade costumes, high heels, wigs and travel-sized booze bottles – GONE! Determined to show Fringe audiences what they are made of, quite literally, they set out to make a show out of nothing at all! They will prove that all they need is a town, a time slot and some lucky locals and the show will go on! Audiences will see how deep The Wau Wau Sisters can dig to find the courage, cocktails and comedy to take the stage as they were last seen here, and as they truly are – unruly, undressed, unabashed, unrepentent and uninhibited!