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Published On: Sat, Jul 26th, 2014 at 8:50pm

Edinburgh Festival Fringe – The Enchanted Forest Adventure

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Help!!! Actress Needs Cast!

One way to save on Fringe costs is to bring a small cast but one actress has taken things to a new extreme by expecting her audience to play the parts for her


Brooke’s cast will be the children and she simply won’t have a show if no-one comes.  Brooke is calling all aspiring child stars and everyone who simply loves a good story.


The children will step into a world of imagination so no script is required which is lucky especially as most of Brooke’s audience won’t be able to read yet!

Creative Director and Adventureteller Brooke Laing, performs and delights children in an interactive action-packed adventure through an enchanted forest where a miserable witch has been up to mischief.


Can we save Bottom and his fairytale friends from the witches spells before Big Ben chimes midnight or will we be trapped in the enchanted forest forever?


Venue details

ZOO Southside

venue 82

117 Nicolson Street

Show 7th 8th 9th August 11-11:50am

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