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SONY DSCIconic Peploe painting of Iona has a second painting of his children on the back

Auctioneers at Lyon & Turnbull have a painting by Samuel John Peploe of Iona on the front, whilst on the reverse is a painting of his sons William and Denis, the painting  valued at £40,000 – 60,000 is to be auctioned on the 11th December 2014 in Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Reporter NEWS – Two for the price of one from Phyllis Stephen on Vimeo.


Nick Curnow Vice Chairman and Paintings Specialist at Lyon & Turnbull said: “One thing that makes this painting so special is the fact that on its rear is a very personal painting of his two sons holding a cricket bat.

“To have not only one, but two Peploe paintings on the same canvas is something rather unique. The other thing I find incredible about Peploe’ work is its accuracy, you can still go the beach on Iona and find the exact spot Peploe set up his easel. What makes these Iona paintings so successful is that whilst taking such care with the unchanging topography, Peploe has also conveyed the sense of shifting waters, rolling clouds and the crisp northern light. You can almost feel the sea breeze.”

Peploe had two children William and Denis. The youngest Denis went to school at the Edinburgh Academy and despite his father’s advice he studied at Edinburgh College of Art, he then went on to study with the painter and sculptor Andre Lhote in Paris, he was known for his work featuring the Hebrides and the Western Highlands.

The painting, which comes from a  private Scottish owner, depicts a view of Eilean Annraidh with Treshnish Point in the distance.

Both Peploe and fellow painter Cadell’s Iona paintings are incredibly accurate and true to life. In the twentieth century painters were increasingly keen to emphasise the essence of a landscape without much interest in topographical details, however, both Peploe and Cadell paid a great deal of attention to the rock formations on Iona and the positions from which they painted can still be identified today.