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There are some comedians I look for every time the programme for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe comes out in the spring. One of them is Scotland’s very own Craig Hill.

I’ve gone to see the lad from East Kilbride appear in the capital for several years now. Every year he never disappoints. And this year is no exception. In fact, I would go as far to say this year has been his best show yet.

If you’ve not heard of Mr Hill – where the hell have you been? Okay, no need to answer that. Just don’t do as many innocent naïve people have done when they go to see the great man for the first time – and sit in the front row.

Hill scans his audience and selects his ‘victims’ for general mickey-taking but his fans, of whom there are many, simply love it. His comedy is gloriously camp and no-holds barred. Resplendent in kilt and tee-shirt, Hill seeks to discover where his audience are from and the mockery begins, particularly if you’re from Fife or parts of East Lothian (Prestonpans was given the Craig Hill treatment at his show at the EICC on Tuesday evening)

The show has been described as wickedly subversive as well as risqué and rib-tickling. If you’re easily offended his show is, perhaps, not for you. But most of the near sell-out shows have the hugely appreciative audience lapping it up and begging for more.

Craig Hill is one of the funniest men in Scotland. If you only see one show at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe go and see his. You will simply love it.

Edinburgh Reporter Review: *****

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