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National Galleries of Scotland Bill

TTIP protest

Fringe Tip of the Day

Dean Valley Regeneration

Dads Build a Bike project!

You have a few days left to comment on the National Galleries of Scotland which is making its way through The Scottish Parliament at the moment. Comments must be made by Monday to be valid.

The purpose is to allow the council to sell a piece of Princes Street Gardens to the Galleries so that they can build an extension.  You can read about the whole bill here and if you would like to know more about the details of the sale then Read more here.


In the festival spirit, local people will gather this afternoon at the Scott Monument for street theatre as part of a day of action against the international trade deal Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, (TTIP).  This deal is opposed by more than 500 European groups, from citizens groups like 38 Degrees, to trade unions, nurses and farmers.

The organiser Gail Davies said: “TTIP threatens the NHS, our education and water by forcing these public services to open to American corporate providers. It destroys the idea that we are all equal before the law, by establishing a secret and separate legal system for the multinational corporations, in which they can sue governments for anything that impacts on their profits, such as regulations on smoking, fracking bans or a rise in the minimum wage.  It will reduce our food standards, by allowing in foods that are currently banned, like cheap American ‘growth hormone’ beef, and in so doing will make life harder for Scottish farmers.  If that is not enough, it could also reduce regulations on dangerous chemicals to little more than a bad joke.”


Our Fringe Tip of the Day is to go and see The Hogwallops! They are first timers at the Fringe and are part of the circus offering that Underbelly are staging at The Meadows. Read more here. 


The Dean Valley is to be renovated and improved by improving the walkways and the adjacent structures along the Water of Leith. This will involved different owners along the length of the waterway and will address maintenance and access issues. There is also a possibility of generating income from a small-scale hydro electricity project, which would then be used to pay for ongoing maintenance costs.

There has already been some discussion with local councillors and Stockbridge Primary School.

The Neighbourhood Partnership which meets on Monday will hear about the up to date position of the project. They have an interest as they have already provided a small grant towards drafting a conservation statement which you can read here.

Now of course all that is required is some funding to progress the project, and the group will approach Heritage Lottery Fund, Edinburgh World Heritage Trust, Climate Challenge Fund and Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.


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