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Former Scottish Comedian of the Year and hailed as a master storyteller, Scott Agnew’s 2016 Fringe show tells of how gay sex went a bit Abigail’s Party on Class A’s in recent years.

Scott has a grim fascination for the grubbier sides of life and so he has spent the past four years bouncing about sex parties from Vauxhall to Prague, Manchester and his home town of Glasgow and meeting the weird and wonderful characters that inhabit them.

This show offers a wee peek behind the net curtains at where that kind of gay abandon leads to. It touches on politics, mental health, drugs and sexual health issues that affect us all. There’s even a pregnancy in there as well…but it’s certainly not for the Woman’s Guild either.

Leave your judgement and faint heart at the door. It’s Scott’s life – you only have to listen to it.

3 – 29 August 2016
Teviot House, Counting House – Sitting Room
10 – 11pm
Tickets: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/scott-agnew-i-ve-snapped-my-banjo-string-let-s-just-talk

Submitted by Sophie Gardner