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Published On: Tue, Jul 19th, 2016 at 10:22am

Our Pick of Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 – Nathan Cassidy : 42

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In this show by Nathan Cassidy, the audience chooses a set list of 10 ideas from 42 options, creating infinite different shows. Can happiness be found from chaos? Can we together find the meaning of life?

Nathan performs a show that the audience will never have seen before and will never see again – and by the end of the show no one will be where they once were, thanks to an uplifting and dream-like ending unlike anything seen before at the Fringe!

There might even be an appearance from Mark King and Level 42 – anything is possible!

Nathan Cassidy loves the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and wants to give the audience a true one-off experience every night – no two shows are the same, and together with the audience he wants to create something truly special; magical even – that’s the aim!

Audiences at the Fringe are ready for something different and Nathan wants to take the audience with him, maybe literally (!), to a stand-up experience they won’t have seen before.


VENUE: Free Sisters, Cowgate
DATES: Aug 4-28 (not 15/16)
TIME: 19:42 (1 hour)
TICKETS: Free (pay what you like)

Get your tickets for this show on the door.

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