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This promises to be a very interesting and exciting play indeed. It is the end result of years of work blending together magic and theatre, and the whole premise has us intrigued.

TOM Proffitt

Joe Strickland wanted to incorporate magic tricks into dramatic settings, so unhappy was he with the unrelated magic tricks which he witnessed when he first started watching magic shows aged just 15.

He has performed and invented magic, and has a string of awards to his name. He was a finalist at the Magic Circle’s Young Magician of the Year competition and was invited to perform at the International Brotherhood of Magicians’ Stars of Tomorrow show.

Strangers : A Magic Play is his work with a group of actors from Nottingham New Theatre none of whom were in any way knowledgable about magic before being cast to appear with him.

Magic has the potential to be a much more powerful performance tool than ever before.

Venue: theSpace @ Jurys
Dates: 5th-13th of August, 2016
Time: 14:35 (50 minutes)
Tickets: £10/6
Venue Box Office: 0131 510 2381
Venue Website: