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PLEASE EXCUSE MY DEAR AUNT SALLY_One Year Lease_image3_Photo Credit Russ Rowland

We met some of the cast of Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally and the writer and director on Friday and have just heard the good news that the play has won The Stage award.

The play is about an illicit affair between a teen and his teacher. Written by Kevin Armento, it’s inspired by Kevin’s collaboration with the late Rik Mayall (they were working on an adaptation of Oliver Twist just before Mayall’s sudden death). It’s a story of a student-teacher love affair told from a perspective of a mobile phone. In maths, ‘PEMDAS’ is a common technique of remembering the order of operations…

It is already a winner as Kevin Armento’s play premiered off Broadway and became The New York Times critics Pick of 2015.

This is a must see at the Fringe!

Pleasance at 12.50

Tickets here. 

The Stage Edinburgh Awards are designed to recognise outstanding performances on the Fringe, whether solo or as part of a company. Ensembles are also eligible.

Since 2014, they’ve been awarded on a rolling basis. The Stage make announcements every Monday throughout the Fringe and the judging panel includes Natasha Tripney, Stewart Pringle, Thom Dibdin, Nick Awde, Paul Vale and Gerald Berkowitz.

At the end of the Fringe, The Stage also present a special award for someone who’s been an essential part of landscape of the Fringe over the years. Previous winners include Chris Goode and Pip Utton.

For the latest information about the Stage Edinburgh Awards visit www.thestage.co.uk.