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Published On: Mon, Dec 19th, 2016 at 6:55am

Should Edinburgh fireworks be silenced?

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At this month’s council meeting Conservative Councillor for Edinburgh City Centre, Joanna Mowat lodged a motion asking for a report on the impact of fireworks on the city.

She suggested that silent fireworks could be used to lessen the impact on people and animals.

She wonders what kind of damage is caused to property from the large pyrotechnic display, and wants the council to investigate options to the regular celebrations involving them.

When The Edinburgh Reporter spoke to Cllr Mowat after the meeting she explained a bit more about her concerns: “This is a perennial issue that rumbles away at low level and is another source of irritation for residents in the City Centre – given that this motion went through unanimously it seems that the Council thinks this is a matter worthy of investigation.

“The matter is raised as one of many by constituents who are concerned that life has got more difficult in the City Centre – pubs are open longer, streets are busier, there are more tourists and people around the fireworks have an impact and seem to have got louder and longer for the Tattoo nights.

“What drives me as a councillor is keeping the city centre a great place to live – not just to work, study or invest – all of which it is but living seems to get a little harder each year and this is one of a number of issues I have raised which are concerned with maintaining the quality of life for residents in Edinburgh – this one extends far beyond the City Centre judging by the response to the motion – which is nearly all positive.  People are very concerned about their pets and other wildlife but also children who can’t get to sleep or are woken but probably the most concerning is that people with mental health issues or PTSD can find them really difficult to cope with so I think a report looking at impacts and options is justified.

“I have no idea where you get silent fireworks – but then I don’t personally buy the fireworks for the Festival or Tattoo as it is – there are firms and a growing market – but availability is one area I would like to have explored in the report and the cost implications of this.

“The aim of the motion is to have a report where we can explore the issues and look at options – I would hope that all interested parties would be involved in this and I am sure there is room for a compromise and innovative new ways of creating a spectacle.”


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