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From the Chair of the Hypnotherapist – Darts Champion Turns to Hypnotherapy for Glory

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The Edinburgh Reporter’s Mike Smith is a qualified hypnotherapist. In the latest of a series of articles, Mike looks at the story of a former darts world champion who has turned to hypnotherapy to help him relax for this year’s BDO World Championships.

The break at Christmas and New Year that many of us enjoyed seems like a distant memory. Now, it’s back to the old routine, the daily grind and stress and anxiety levels are increasing again for many.

Much is made of having a ‘work-life balance’ but, in truth, many people – and, crucially, many businesses – don’t subscribe to that practice. More and more demands are made in these increasingly stressful times.

So, what can you do to help yourself relax? As a qualified hypnotherapist, I am bound to say hypnotherapy is the ideal technique but it has proved to have huge benefits. Particularly for darts champion Scott Mitchell.

Below is an excerpt taken from the Bournemouth Daily Echo about how the former world darts champion has turned to hypnotherapy to take him back to his glory days:

Darts champion Scott Mitchell hopes the sweet dreams bestowed upon him by mind guru Stephen McKibben can help him recreate his greatest night in darts.  Mitchell kicks off his bid to regain the BDO World Championship he won two years ago, thanks in part to the help of McKibben.
And ‘Scotty Dog’, the number-two seed for the Frimley Green tournament, has again enlisted the help of the Belfast-based hypnotherapist to aid his title drive.

Reflecting on the impact of McKibben upon his arrows career, Mitchell told the Daily Echo: “People said it was a waste of money getting a mind coach but Stephen has been a big turning point for me.

“He just makes me feel at ease about what I’m doing. He stops me being too harsh on myself and gives me confidence.
“I don’t think it’s any mistake that in the past 18 months Glen Durrant has gone to see him as well, and look what he’s done.
“I’ve started doing it again in the past four or five weeks. He sends me a 20-minute MP3 and I tend to listen to it as I go to sleep at night and take it in through my subconscious. For me, that works.

“You can struggle to sleep the night before a game. There is nothing bigger than the world championships, it’s on TV and it’s our showpiece.
“So, there are nights when you struggle to sleep but he makes that happen as well, so it’s brilliant for me and the results show that.
“As a darts player, you hide all your emotions. You have to tell people you are playing great when you are not.
“But you have to be so open with him about what your hang-ups are, where your problems are and why it isn’t working for you and then he can sort you out.”

The 46-year-old says he is relaxed mood ahead of the Channel Four and BT Sport-televised event.
Source: The Bournemouth Daily Echo

If you feel unable to relax and feel life is too stressful to the point you struggle to cope, why not consider hypnotherapy? Contact me to arrange a consultation meeting. After this, we can decide together the best way to enable you to achieve your goals.

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