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Conservative Group leader Councillor Cameron Rose has shared his thoughts on the report produced by Professor John Cole CBE at the City Chambers this afternoon.

The council’s Chief Executive commissioned the report following the closure of 17 schools across the city last year when building defects became apparent.

Councillor Rose explains: “I welcome the Cole report.  It appears to be a thorough investigation of the principal issues.

“It notes the principle that the builder of a school must take responsibility for failings in the construction.

“It notes that checks and practices in the industry are in need of improvement and that inspection processes were inadequate.

“The Council now needs to review these issues carefully and ensure that a correct response brings about effective improvements – for example in the area of the Clerk of Works supervising a building project.

“I am so thankful that the wall collapse did not injure anyone and led to the identification of potentially catastrophic building problems elsewhere.

“Nonetheless parents, children, carers, school staff and many other building users suffered enormous inconvenience and that needs to be recognised.

“As well as the inconvenience Edinburgh Council now needs to up its game in getting an appropriate inspection regime in place and to ensure that the financial settlement takes full account of the lost use of the buildings and the inconvenience to so many.”