Published On: Thu, Mar 9th, 2017 at 6:19pm

The Scottish Brexit question may not be asked

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Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday would not confirm she would consult with the Scottish people, and ask the Scottish Parliament to agree, before she changes the Scotland Act after Brexit.

In response to a question from Edinburgh North and Leith MP Deidre Brock, Mrs May only confirmed that she speaks to the Scottish Government a lot.

Speaking after Prime Minister’s Questions, Deidre said:

“It looks like the Prime Minister hasn’t even thought about what she’ll have to do after Brexit, this just shows her contempt for democracy in Scotland.

“Ms May couldn’t provide any clarity on a straightforward question about consulting with the Scottish people before ripping up and rewriting the Scotland Act.  She said last week that she was intending to make big changes to devolution but this week she refused to say that she’d ask the Scottish Parliament to agree to the changes.

“It’s not even clear from her vague response whether Theresa May even understands that her plans to seize EU powers that should come to Scotland needs changes to the devolution settlement and the Scotland Act.

“Ms May’s Tory Government has done little more than pretend to consult the Scottish Government on Europe, now it seems that the need to get consensus on changing the Scotland Act may not even have crossed her mind – she’s not even going to ask her own MSPs at Holyrood.

“She should clarify her intentions and start to respect Scotland’s institutions and the will of the Scottish people and Ruth Davidson should step up to the plate and tell her London boss that the Scottish Parliament has to get a say.”


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  1. Brian R says:

    I wonder why SNP politicians think they have to be ‘consulted’ at every stage of virtually anything. Ler me remind Ms Brock that the question of whether Scotland was part of the United Kingdom was settled in 2014. It was a ‘once in a lifetime’ vote. Does Ms Brock have a different interpretation of ‘lifetime’?

    She should look up what matters are ‘reserved’ to the UK government. And she should note the Supreme Court ruling that the UK government is not required to obtain the agreement of the devolved administrations.

    As for ‘democracy’, there was a vote on 23 June 2016. Despite SNP assertions, Scotland didn’t vote. Individual citizens in all parts of the UK voted. They were offered the options of leaving or remaining in the EU. A democratic majority voted to leave. That might not suit the SNP but it’s democracy.

    Ms Brock isn’t really bothered about democracy or what is best for the Scottish people. Like the rest of the SNP, she is interested in POWER. How does a devolved administration get to have a £15 billion debt? Because it should cut its coat according to its cloth. Instead, in pursuit of POWER, the SNP has handed out ‘freebies’ that no-one else in the UK gets. And it has a ‘plan’ to become ‘independent’, join the EU and, no doubt, expect the EU to provide the same level of subsidies. What makes them ‘think’ that the EU is going to take on a new member that requires £50 billion a year in subsidies? Especially one that will have just lost 64% of its export markets.

    If only Scotland had spent the last 310 years working to become ‘profitable’. But it hasn’t. What it has done is to achieve a per capita GDP £9,000 less than England. So much for being one of the ten wealthiest countries. And, whilst in receipt of subsidies worth more than £10,000 per person per year, it can’t claim that it is discriminated against.

    Scotland should prepare itself for learning to pay its way. In the light of all the hatred expressed towards England and the English people, WE are tired of supporting the Scottish basket case. Get your act together or leave. We don’t care which. Just remember that you joined the union with land and debts. No reason why you shouldn’t leave with the same.

  2. Les says:

    Brian Brian Brian .. Is the Daily Express Website down today or something ? Two main points are …we aren’t £15 Billion in debt, we have no borrowing powers , we aren’t not in debt at all. Which is nice. We all get freebies we chose free education and free medication .. you chose a shiny new train .. enjoy it mate.

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