Resource Efficient Scotland is leading a drive to help every small to medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) in Edinburgh bring down costs by reducing their energy, water and raw materials usage.

A Scottish Government programme delivered by Zero Waste Scotland has saved almost £40million for Scottish organisations since it was set up in 2013. The average saving identified for businesses that access the free service is £16,000.

Resource Efficient Scotland has already helped more than 3,000 businesses in Scotland through a team of expert advisors who work to identify and address areas to improve resource efficiency. The programme offers free advice and technical support as well as sharing best practices and new technologies. Nine out of 10 businesses that have had support would recommend Resource Efficient Scotland to others.

From hairdressers to hotels and restaurants to shops, Resource Efficient Scotland helps a huge range of businesses. Managing resources efficiently and effectively is something most business owners aim to achieve but, with the unique challenges that come with managing a SME day to day, it can be difficult to maintain a clear picture of just how resource efficient a business is. Each year over 34,000 individuals from a range of organisations access the support programme and downloadable resources from the Resource Efficient Scotland Advice Service.

Marissa Lippiatt at Zero Waste Scotland, said: “Small business owners know how important it is to manage costs. Whilst the last few years have been tough on all businesses, many SMEs in Edinburgh have shown incredible resiliency and found innovative ways to reduce their costs and thrive. We are proud of the work we have undertaken in helping more than 3,000 businesses across Scotland but we know we can do more. We urge every SME owner to make that one call to Resource Efficient Scotland so we can help you to reduce your energy, water and raw material use, so you can lower bills and grow your business.”

 To get a free consultation today and to find out how to reduce your energy bill by 24%, call Resource Efficient Scotland’s expert advisors on 0808 808 2268.