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Published On: Wed, May 3rd, 2017 at 12:01pm

Council Elections 2017 – Forth Ward

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The current councillors for the Forth Ward are :

Cammy Day – Scottish Labour Party
Allan George Jackson – Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Steve Cardownie – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Vicki Redpath – Scottish Labour Party

Councillor Steve Cardownie who is the Depute Provost  has said he is resigning from the council. A colourful figure he started out as a Labour councillor before moving to another political party. He served as Festivals Champion for part of the last administration, and was the SNP group leader until replaced by Councillor Sandy Howat.

Councillor Jackson is retiring to do some voluntary or charity work he told us last week.

The ward remains a four member ward and the 2017 candidates are :

BIRD, Eleanor (Scottish National Party (SNP))

CAMPBELL, Jim (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

DAY, Cammy (Scottish Labour Party)

GORDON, George (Scottish National Party (SNP))

MACKAY, Gillian (Scottish Green Party)

PUGH, Heather (Scottish Labour Party)

ROSS, Nicola (Independent)

WIGHT, Tim (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

 Eleanor Bird SNP

Ellie currently works part time for Tommy Sheppard MP as well as finishing her degree in Social Policy.  Her studies have given her great insight into the importance of Council level policy making and the tangible effects it has on local lives.

Jim Campbell Conservative Party

Jim Campbell has been selected by local residents to stand in Forth Ward, following incumbent Conservative Group councillor Allan Jackson’s announcement that he will be standing down this year.

Jim has lived in Forth Ward for the best part of 50 years, and is privileged to have the chance to represent his local community. Over those years, Jim has come to know the ward and many of its residents well. Jim looks forward to meeting more local people and listening to their concerns as he begins his campaign.

Jim has spent time studying at Moray House as well as the University of Edinburgh and has since been employed by several companies both in the ward and around Edinburgh, including a spell spent as a researcher at Heriot-Watt University.

Jim now works for a large department store in Edinburgh, and he also sits on one of the store’s elected governing councils.

Jim’s aim is to help improve our neighbourhood and our city, just as long-serving councillor Allan Jackson has done for over four decades.

Jim said upon his selection that;

“My aim is to help improve our neighbourhood and our city just as Cllr Allan Jackson has done for the last four decades. Whether it is the re-alignment of Lower Granton Road at the sewage treatment works, addressing local refuse collection issues, or protecting residents from planned council tax hikes, I will work tirelessly to ensure that the best interests of local residents are taken account of by Edinburgh City Council.”

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Cllr Jackson for all his hard work on behalf of the local community over many, many years and I look forward to the chance to serve the people of Forth Ward and to continue Allan’s legacy for the next five years.”

Cllr Jackson commented:

“It has been a great privilege to serve the City in general and our own area in particular over many years.”

“In 1995 I was elected to serve on what was then the Trinity Ward of the new City of Edinburgh Council on the dissolution of the former Councils. Having lived in our area since 1974 I know it well and have done my best to serve the community and its residents. I certainly haven’t succeeded in every case as some things just can’t be done but it wasn’t for the want of trying.”

“The term of the next Council is five years and at 72 I think that this is the time to make way for a younger person. I’m delighted that Jim Campbell has been selected as the Conservative Candidate to stand in my place. I have every faith in Jim to carry on where I’m leaving off and recommend him to you as your future Councillor.”

Cammy Day Labour

Cammy was born and raised in Edinburgh. He spent most of his career working with young people in many of the city’s areas of deprivation. Cammy was key in supporting the first youth forum in the north of the city. Elected in November 2008, Cammy is currently Convener of Education.

George Gordon SNP

As a fifth generation Grantonian and a committed community activist George has worked closely with local groups and organisations to provide much needed services and facilities.
If elected he is determined to push forward the interests of all the Residents of the ward as a strong, approachable and listening Councillor.

Gillian Mackay Green Party

Gillian has been inspired by the beauty and diversity of Forth. And she’s seen what a Green councillor can do, through projects such as Leith Decides letting the people take ownership of council spending, and keeping public access to important historical walking routes such as the now asserted Rights of Way in the Astley Ainslie Hospital site. She wants to see the people of Forth have a Green voice to give them the ward they deserve.

Although there has been much regeneration in the area, truly affordable housing is at an all-time low and unobtainable to the majority. Yet land and buildings lie empty and unused. Gillian would fight to have these areas brought back into use and bring tighter controls on rents to make housing truly affordable to all.

She’s been active in beach clean-ups in northern Edinburgh and wants to ensure that not only the seaside is pleasant for everyone to use but that waste management is improved, and bins are collected on time and not left to overflow. Gillian would champion the beautiful green spaces and family-friendly attractions in Forth and help to promote them city-wide.

Most of all Gillian would listen to you, the people of Forth and truly do what she can to make your life better. She believes in supporting people to take ownership of their own community and would fight for participatory budgeting to be introduced in the area.

Heather Pugh Labour

Heather Pugh grew up in West Pilton and went to school at Royston and Ainslie Park. Four generations of family have lived here and she brought her daughter up here. “I was a civil servant and actively campaigned on green, health & safety and disability issues within my union. I am a grafter.”

Nicola Ross Independent

Tim Wight Liberal Democrats

Tim Wight is standing to be the Scottish Liberal Democrat councillor for Forth Ward at the election in May.

He believes that there should be more focus on the needs of the ward from the council and will be a champion for the area as your next councillor.

Tim’s priorities for Forth Ward are:

  • Improving local services.
  • Supporting business and see the completion of plans to increase job opportunities and housing.
  • Investment in roads to repair potholes and improve parking provision.
  • A solution to widen Lower Granton Road which improves traffic flow and provides safe footpaths and parking.
  • Making sure your council tax is spent effectively.



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