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The acclaimed 5 SOLDIERS: The Body is the Frontline is making a welcome return to
Scotland for its first appearance on the Fringe. It will be a leading attraction
at the new Army@TheFringe venue (being run in association with Summerhall),
which is in a real drill hall at the Hepburn House Army Reserve Centre.

“Five Soldiers” by the Rosie Kay Dance Company, pictured at Edinburgh Castle,  

Rosie Kay Dance Company’s visceral tour de force is a thrilling
and humane portrait of army life, telling the stories of five men and women
serving on the frontline. Deeply realistic and stark, 5 Soldiers: The Body is the Frontline offers no moral stance, but
explores what we ask of our soldiers and how the human body remains
essential to war.

 5 SOLDIERS was created by leading choreographer Rosie Kay, who was raised in Edinburgh. The intense physicality and athleticism of the professional dancers takes audiences directly into the lives of soldiers preparing for war – and then into combat.

Rosie Kay said: “We ask British soldiers to endure the most physically and emotionally intense experiences, sometimes putting themselves in grave danger. 5 SOLDIERS is about the impact this has on young men and women. The response from civilians and soldiers has been tremendous and we are really looking forward to
bringing it to the Fringe as part of The Army@TheFringe.”

Kay undertook detailed research to create 5 SOLDIERS. She joined The 4th Battalion
The Rifles for two weeks and experienced battle exercises on Dartmoor and Salisbury Plain. Kay then visited a military rehabilitation centre to learn about the effects of conflict. The professional dancers have all also undergone real military training exercises.

Tickets here  https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/5-soldiers

·       Dance

·       Venue: Army@TheFringe, Hepburn
House, East Claremont Street.

·       Time: 20:30. Duration: 60 mins

·       Dates: Main run Aug 11-13,
16-20, 23-26. Special Army@TheFringe press event 11 August.

·       Suitability: 12+

·       Tickets: £12 (£10)

·       Box office 0131 5601580 https://www.summerhall.co.uk/book-tickets/

·       Rosie Kay Dance Company is an
internationally recognised dance-theatre company that creates exciting and
challenging work which tours in unique and captivating ways. 5 SOLDIERS is
funded by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds, Arts Council England and
is supported by The Army. See www.rosiekay.co.uk | www.5soldiers.co.uk

·       Army@TheFringe is a new venture by The Army in association with
Summerhall, telling stories on stage of life in and out of uniform. This is the
seventh festival programme for Summerhall, Edinburgh’s acclaimed and
award-winning multi-arts venue, in the 70th year of the Edinburgh Festival
Fringe. Email press@summerhall.co.uk.

Photography by  Colin Hattersley Photography – colinhattersley@btinternet.com – www.colinhattersley.com – 07974 957 388