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Assembly Ballroom


THE DeLorean story became a morality tale for the eighties.The rise and fall of a self made man who took a risk and fell but who was admired by many for taking a risk in the first place.
In this reviewer’s eyes his story was similar to film director Michael Cimino who followed The Deer Hunter with Heaven’s Gate,one of the most expensive flops of all time. He was never the same director again. But at least he tried.

DeLorean had the feel of a real heavyweight production and each actor punched his weight. Much of the praise must go to writer/director Jon Ivay, whose production punches along at a terrific pace.

Cory Peterson plays John DeLorean, relatively straight and that is to his credit. It would be easy to make him a caricature but instead he is a man driven by his vision. He comes across as a man with a social conscience rather than a cynical businessman.

In more ways than one, all the actors share the stage and this allows the story to breathe. Again, the cast is so good that they display the passion they all felt for the project and the fear as it all slowly went wrong.

This reviewer was watching it less as a piece of drama but more of a piece of social history as you want to discover how on earth DeLorean ended up in the drugs sting.

An excellent play that one would implore festivalgoers to start their day with.