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Juan Vesuvius (aka New Zealand’s Barnie Duncan), the suavely outlandish Calypso DJ and Caribbean maraca maestro is back in Edinburgh for the third time, with a brand new show that takes audiences deep into his own clubbing universe.

Vesuvius’ previous shows Calypso Nights and Juan, Two? announced a new style of performance never seen before at Edinburgh – the Comedy DJ. Vesuvius mixes vinyl records and surreal physical comedy to create a unique brand of endearing idiocy, which in 2014 won him the Skinny Magazine Genius Award and saw his show ranked the ninth highest starred of the festival.

Juan Vesuvius: I Am Your Deejay sees Juan bringing his turntables back to Edinburgh to deliver the greatest and strangest DJ set you’ve ever experienced. Exploring the heady days of early 90’s House music, find out what went down between Juan and David Guetta, and why does he need so much towelling? Vesuvius is an eruption that cannot be plugged.

Juan Vesuvius will perform at Assembly George Square Theatre – The Box, 3 – 27 August (not 14th) at 11pm (1hr).

Tickets here.