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Jerry Sadowitz
Assembly Rooms Ballroom

THIS reviewer first saw Jerry Sadowitz in 1987 when he played to about 300 people in the Edinburgh Playhouse. There was a bizarre, febrile atmosphere with Jerry facing a barrage of abuse and the audience getting both barrels back.

Thirty years later and Jerry is at the Assembly Rooms and in combative mood and for an hour he delivers a spew of consciousness as he covers a wealth of subjects in 2017.

It is not for the faint-hearted and was clearly marked on the tin but even so around five members of the audience walked out.

However, it looked like hundreds others loved it as they roared away at joke after insult after comment after abuse.

Sure, he goes near on a few subjects but he also plants a number of seeds in your mind that seer into your consciousness.

This reviewer keeps returning to Jerry Sadowitz as we think he is a class apart and still carries the spirit of alternative, the spirit of punk, when you really thought these people are dangerous. True, he is just a man standing on stage in George Street, telling jokes but it sill feels scary.

Lest we forget he is also a cracking magician and brigs that to the for much later on.

Look forward to seeing you in 2027 Jerry.