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An emoji orgy is unlikely to have featured in an Edinburgh Fringe show before, but Mindy Raf who produces one is nothing if not barrier-breaking.
Her inventive, sexually liberated (and liberating) one-woman show – a mixture of stand-up, storytelling and musical theatre – covers her coming out to her family as a lesbian over Passover and her involvement in a polyamorous relationship.
It’s cleverly conceived and engagingly kooky and seeks (not in vain) to dispel the illusions of Nineties romantic movies on which the 37-year-old Detroit-born New Yorker was brought up.
Noting her failure to fit into the traditional Jewish stereotype of marrying at a certain age, with “bonus points” if it’s a doctor, she says ironically: “My future wife’s girlfriend, Bethany Cohen, is a dermatologist – so I’m only one degree away from marrying a Jewish doctor.”
Gilded Balloon at Rose Theatre