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Touch From 28 October to 5 November 2017 | 12-6pm| Patriothall Gallery | 48A Hamilton Place | EH3 5AY

Touch, curated by members of Edinburgh’s Esbat Collective is an exploration of how contemporary art practice is affected by a cultural environment increasingly dominated by digital technology and online networks.

Encompassing film, objects, printing, painting and costume, ‘Touch’ is about these interfaces – between making and networking, between real and online community, between what is touched and what is caught behind a screen. Is art becoming lost in the virtual clouds?


Featuring work from:
Tessa Berring, Fee Scroggie, Fiona Michie, Komachi Goto, Olivia Irvine, Mel Roy, Rachael Forbes, Caroline Fulton, Penny Forbes, Angela Wingate Burdon, Rosaly Johnston, Julie Louise Bemment, Rebecca Green, Antonia Dickson, Heather Craig, Carolann Alexander, Sarah Wilson and Mary Trodden.