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Published On: Fri, Oct 13th, 2017 at 10:13am

Scottish SPCA rescue deer stranded next to tram lines

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The Scottish SPCA was alerted on Friday 22 September to a deer that was spotted standing next to a tram line for three hours without moving.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity was called to help the non-responsive deer after concerns were raised over her safety.

Animal Rescue Officer Fiona Thorburn said, “I was very concerned when I arrived as the deer was standing but completely unaware of my presence and I thought it was likely she had suffered head trauma.

“Edinburgh trams were great as they allowed us to use an out of service tram so that I could take her to the nearest wildlife vet to be checked out.

“After being seen by a vet the deer was sent over to our National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross to have a full check-up and thankfully she was only suffering from shock and has now made a full recovery.

“We’re glad we were able to help her out as it must have been quite a stressful experience.”

Gordon Ratcliffe, Duty Manager at Edinburgh Trams said, “We’re used to dealing with unexpected situations in the Operations Control Centre but this was perhaps one of the more unusual of situations. We were happy to assist the Scottish SPCA in getting the deer to a point of safety and are happy to hear she has been given a clean bill of health.”

Anyone concerned about the welfare of an animal should contact the Scottish SPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999.


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