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Panda brings cheer to zoo for Pancake Day

The birth of Pamba the pancake tortoise just before Shrove Tuesday has allowed the Edinburgh Zoo to highlight a vulnerable species.

They are under threat by continued destruction of their natural habitat of Kenya and Tanzania for agricultural developments and overgrazing of domestic cattle and goats.

Gareth Bennett, a senior presentation keeper at the zoo, said: “The birth is a great opportunity for us to highlight the threats that the species face in the wild.

“The wild population is under threat due to young tortoises being captured to be sold as pets.

“Pamba’s parents are an example of this as they joined us from Edinburgh Airport, where they had been seized by customs after being illegally imported.

“We welcomed them into our care and are pleased to say they have thrived here.”

Pamba, incidentally, won’t be on show until the young tortoise is a little older but visitors to the zoo can see Pamba’s parents in the Wee Beasties exhibit.