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We have probably all heard about changing electricity and gas suppliers and that it might save money, but now there is a real incentive to make the switch, courtesy of IKEA.

If you use the Big Clean Switch you might save over £300 a year. But by using this company which is partnered up with IKEA you will use renewable electricity and get an exclusive tariff. The company will pay commission to IKEA and these monies will then be put back into community projects here in Edinburgh.

Innes Ritchie, IKEA Edinburgh STORE MANAGER, added, “We are encouraging residents in Edinburgh and Lothians to make the switch, as the amount of money each store receives will be dependent on which ones generate the most switches. The money is to be used specifically for local community initiatives within the IKEA Edinburgh’s store’s area.”

The Big Clean Switch is a ‘profit with purpose’ company which helps people to switch to renewable electricity providers by making the process simple and easy. The company only list tariffs where the supplier can guarantee that 100% of the electricity sold is matched by electricity from renewables such as sun, wind and water.

Hege Sæbjørnsen, Sustainability Manager at IKEA UK, said, “At IKEA, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond minimising the impact of our own operations to having a positive impact on the world around us. We want to provide our customers with innovative solutions that will help them live a more sustainable life at home and save money in the short and long-term. By partnering with the Big Clean Switch, we hope to make switching to renewable electricity simple, accessible and affordable to everyone.”

Jon Fletcher, Campaign Director at Big Clean Switch, commented, “‘Our aim at the Big Clean Switch is to be a voice for change. We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to switch to renewable electricity and our partnership with IKEA is a big step forward in helping more people achieve this. Every person who makes the switch plays a vital role in taking the necessary action to help reduce the impact of climate change.”

How can you switch to renewable energy with IKEA?

  • Pre-registration starts on Tuesday 20th February. Just show your interest by popping in your email address in the Switch and Save portal The more people that do this, the better the deal could be for everyone.
  • The Big Clean Switch’s network of renewable electricity suppliers then compete to offer their best value tariff.
  • The website will then get in touch again to let you know the cost and how easy it is to switch once live on Tuesday 6th March.


The exclusive tariff is available for a limited time only, from Tuesday 6th March until Monday 26thMarch, with pre-registration starting on Tuesday 20th February.