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Heart-shaped cheese from Somerset

Much of Valentine’s Day specials pass me by but this cheese excited my imagination. It comes in a heart-shaped, red wax cover and it is filled with the finest vintage cheddar.

A friend, who is a professional chef, and I took one bite and we were addicted. The soft, creamy taste excites you to want more and it proved a winner with cherkins and pickle.

I tried it with normal oatcakes and Nairn’s super gluten free oatcakes, high fibre, made with wholegrain oats and with no added sugar.

So back to the cheese. This delicious vintage from Wkye Farms is crafted in the heart of Somerset “with love”.

It is also matured for over 15 months for a smooth, yet silky texture, with a slight crunch, always the sign of a well-aged Cheddar.

It has a well-rounded rounded flavour, balancing sweet notes with a creaminess and hint of nuttiness thrown in.

400g Red Love Heart Cheddar Truckles (RRP £5) are available for a limited time online at

The oatcakes are baked in Scotland by Nairn’s of Edinburgh and the long-established company have more tasty ideas for their products on

While on the subject of tasty treats, a book called Professional Pastry has been presented to me. The hint was that my pastry can be improved.

French-born Maxime Osmont’s book contains precise recipes for professional pastry chefs and bakers who wish to take their knowledge to the next step.

However, the recipes are easy to follow and include muffins, flans, a New York layered doughnut, bread (including marjoram and garlic), brioche, fruits and jams and even chocolate moose.

Diet concerns are catered for and the attention to detail even percolates to the presentation as it is printed on acid-free paper. Published by authorHOUSE.