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A new way of finding work in is available to unemployed people across Edinburgh from today.

StartScotland will deliver The Scottish Government’s Fair Start Scotland service with personalised support to find a suitable job.

The venture is a partnership between The Lennox Partnership and Working Links and they will work across the area from their office in St Colme Street.

The idea is that each jobseeker has one personal adviser dedicated to helping them find not just a job, but a job which will be best for them. The adviser will have access to many other partners to help in this.

Nick Young, StartScotland’s General Manager, said: “We can’t wait to get started and support people on their journeys towards work.

“Participation is totally voluntary and every person who chooses to participate will receive a first-class service, tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

“We’ll be working with people for up to 18 months to find work, then offer high-quality in-work support for a further 12 months after people have found a job – ensuring that individuals and their employer are comfortable, helping people progress their careers.

“The service is comprehensive and accessible locally. We’ll provide our services from a range of locations – we’ll be there where people need us.

“And for employers, our service is tailored to your organisation. We will be able to provide employers with job-ready candidates, in-work training and skills progression, saving both time and money.”

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