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Cami Brown (left) with Glasgow Tigers and they are ready to roar into Armadale on Friday. Picture by Ian Adam

Cami Brown was satisfied with a four-point start to Glasgow Tigers’ Championship Shield campaign and now he’s targeting at least the same again this weekend against Edinburgh Monarchs.

Glasgow won 54-36 at home to Berwick Bandits on Friday and lost 47-43 24-hours later in the Borders.

Tigers’ team manager hopes his men can hit top form for their visit to Edinburgh on Friday (tapes-up 7.30pm) and Staggs Bar Monarchs trip to Glasgow on Sunday (tapes-up 3pm).

Brown said: “After four heats on Friday when Berwick were leading I was wondering what was happening.

“We had a few teething problems and bike problems, but when the lads sorted that out, they were pretty unbeatable.

“Chris Harris didn’t have a good night and had a few bike troubles too, as did Jack Thomas, so given those two were down on scoring, to get 54 was remarkable.

“The rest of the lads really rode well and I think the potential for them all to improve is there.

“We only got ahead once (at Berwick) and I thought once we got ahead we would stay there, but they got a 5-1 immediately and went back ahead again. We were chasing it and we had another few mechanical issues.

“We were never getting beaten heavily and, if someone said we would score over 40 at every away match, it would be magic, because you’re only a few points away from a draw or a win. It’s fine margins. The boys never gave in.”