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Scott Courtney: no excuses

Berwick Bandits boss Scott Courtney did not make excuses for the 49-41 home defeat by near neighbours Newcastle Diamonds in the first-leg of the Tyne/Tweed Trophy.

Team manager Courtney pin-pointed gating as the cause for the disappointment.

And lack of watering on the track at a critical time did not assist the home men.

Courtney said: “Our gating was way down on par, and with the track – for once – as dry due to the lack of watering at the critical time as there was football on.

“The track was way slicker than we like leaving passing a bit thin on the ground which, thankfully again, is most unusual for us.”

He added: “Newcastle deserved the win, they were the better team tonight and rode better than we did.

“We were not as good as we were last week against Glasgow even though we fought to the end which showed massive character from out guys.”

George English, Newcastle’s team leader said: “I think we shocked a lot of people who simply expected us to go away licking out wounds.

“Well we really showed what was possibly with positivity and determination.

“Berwick are not a bad side at all, just look at their win over Glasgow which was no easy task.

“We get great confidence from this win which was taken through adversity with Ludvig’s engine blowing, his primary chain flinging him off the bike, Tero’s tape issue in Heat One, his two minute exclusion and fall, which he wasn’t happy with, but we pulled off what many would have though an impossible victory.

“Credit to all the lads one to seven who all wish this had been a league meeting.”

Berwick KLS Bandits (powered by Mike Hope of Wooler) 41 (Aaron Summers 10; Kevin Doolan, John Lindman 2; David Howe 5, Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 9, Jye Ethridge 6, Dany Gappmaier 9).

Newcastle Boiler Technical Services Diamonds 49 (Ludvig Lindgren 6, Tero Aarnio 4, rider replacement for Lewis Ros, Matthew Wethers 11, Lewis Kerr (guest) 8, Carl Wilkonson 8, Ashley Morris 12).

Reminding you that Edinburgh Monarchs visit Glasgow Tigers on Sunday in the Championship Shield (3pm) looking for revenge after being defeat by the West of Scotland club at Armadale on Friday.