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Penicuik Town Centre. Picture by Nigel Duncan Media

Derek Wilson has issued a stark warning to the people of Penicuik: “Support the Parade committee or lose it.”

The committee has now shrunk to just two people and the event was within two weeks of not happening this year.

Thankfully, a media appeal rounded-up enough people to man the streets and help organise the spectacle.

But Wilson warned that the event is on the verge of collapse.

The chairman presented sashes to the Hunter and Lass in front of hundreds in packed Penicuik Park on Saturday and then addressed the crowd.

Wilson then said: “We have Penicuik in the Park and the Hunter and Lass but there is an event in the middle which is Penicuik on Parade.

“They are struggling. It is only in the last two weeks that it has come together. In two weeks it is hard to organise bands and floats.”

He added: “Penicuik on Parade are a committee of two. It is a small committee for such a big event. What people need to do is come on board.

“There will be a meeting and that will be announced on social media and they need committed bodies.

“It is not a big commitment as members don’t sit every month at a meeting. It is only about four meetings a year to plan for the next event.

“They also need marshals and they only got them this year by putting it out to the media and those people who came forward I can’t thank enough.

“Like everything, use it or lose it, it is as simple as that. If there is no committee there is no Penicuik on Parade next year.

“If you ask me if they have lost it well that is up to the community to come forward.”