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Transport Convener Lesley Macinnes was keen to show us her new e-bike which she is using as often as her diary permits to commute from the south side of the city.

Councillor Macinnes told us this is the firs time in 35 years she has been on a bike, but that she has the ‘e-bike smile’ as she is finding it very easy indeed.

Although not too confident as yet she is still making it into the City Chambers in about 23 minutes, using the dedicated cycle lanes where she can.

Councillor Macinnes said : “I had made the decision last summer that I wanted to get a bike, but I took my time looking into it and deciding which one I wanted.

“I wanted one that would help me get round Edinburgh easily and of course the e-bike called me because it helps a lot with hills! People have been giving me a lot of helpful advice including which routes to take, which ones are easier and so on. I have listened and I am using those routes.”

We had to ask the obvious question about how Lesley finds the roads and the bike too. She replied : “It is absolutely terrific. I am able to get up hills with an enormous degree of confidence and it makes it easier for getting away from traffic lights particularly those when you are going up a hill! I have only been on the south side of Edinburgh so far using my commute to learn on. I am going to explore more of the city over the summer however.

“I have always had an empathy and understanding for people who are out using the roads and seeing the effect of the winter weather in particular on the state of the roads. This brings it into slightly sharper focus when you’re bouncing across a surface that is not so good. We are however doing an enormous amount of work to solve those problems.

“My road sense is improving all the time and I hope that I am perhaps setting a good example by commuting in this easy sustainable way. I arrive in the office with a smile on my face!”