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The newest of the Edinburgh schools was officially opened today by the Minister for Higher and Further Education and Science, Shirley-Anne Somerville.

The opening ceremony included the school’s pipe band, the rock band who played Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven and a whole school rendition of the school song.

Stairway to Heaven was particularly appropriate due to the huge staircase which leads up to the atrium where the entire school gathered to watch the opening ceremony.

Minister for Higher and Further Education and Science Shirley-Anne Somerville with headteacher David Dempster

The pupils have been in the new school building since February and some of them told me that they are really enjoying the new building which has a sports pitch on the roof. Edinburgh Leisure are standing ready to run the sports facilities for the public during out of school hours.

Council Leader Cllr Adam McVey

Council Leader Adam McVey agreed with The Edinburgh Reporter that this is the school of the future. He said : “I think it is when you look at the design and the spaces which can be used for a multitude of purposes. We have just seen a massive space used by every student and teacher the school, all coming together in one place.  It is also a school built to tailor the needs specifically of how this school wants to operate and how they are aspiring to give the young people who study here the absolute best start in life so they can reach their full potential.”

The next school to be built in Edinburgh will be the new secondary school in South Queensferry which is starting now. There will be increased provision for swimming there which is something that arose during consultation.  Cllr McVey concluded : “We have worked really hard to make sure that that school emulates many of the standards and successes that this school has become.”

Deputy Council Leader Cammy Day explained that the council plans to build on the success of this school for the next Wave 4 schools they hope to build across the city. He said : “This is a great day for Boroughmuir and a great day for everyone in this building. It’s your school, enjoy it!”

Headteacher David Dempster

Headteacher David Dempster welcomed all to the new school for the official opening. He said : “This is indeed a historic day for the school and one it has to be said we have waited quite a bit of time for. However I am sure you will agree that this has been worth the wait. This great school has long held a high profile position in this great capital city and this building can only enhance our profile.

Cllr Cammy Day, Deputy Council Leader, Cllr Alison Dickie Vice-Convener of Education, David Dempster Headteacher, Minister for Higher and Further Education and Science Shirley-Anne Somerville and Council Leader Adam McVey

The school, designed by Allan Murray Architects Ltd and built by O’Hare and McGovern, was awarded Building of the Year in the Edinburgh Architectural Association Awards 2018. This is the third building which the school has occupied. It was first set up in 1904 on Bruntsfield Links, then moved to Viewforth and has now moved to the new campus on the canal.

The whole school assembled together as one in the new atrium.