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Willie Dunn, determined to make fans proud of their team

Murrayfield Racers director Willie Dunn assured fans that they were creating a team they will once again be proud of.

And the long-term aim is to take Murrayfield Racers back to the top level of ice hockey in Britain.

Dunn revealed: “We have been very busy after finding out we are going to play in the Scottish National League and the National Ice Hockey League (North) Cup.

“We’ve been putting together logos and branding and also looking at players.

“The informal meeting with players at Murrayfield Ice Rink on Friday night was part of that process.

“We’ve also been generally getting our feet wet and looking at different ways to promote ice hockey in Edinburgh and the wider Lothians area.

“And we’ve been putting structures in place which we believe will strengthen the ice hockey family in this area.”

Dunn revealed that the club’s new Facebook page had received around 2,000 hits in 24 hours and that proved there was a fan base.

He added: “There are a lot of people who love ice hockey in Edinburgh and there are a lot of people who have been disenchanted in the last few years.

“They have had a team which has not been the best and everybody would accept that.

“We are trying to capture the imagination of local people and put a team on the ice and a product on the ice they can be proud of.

“Also important to us is that we have a product off the ice and that we have total interaction with the customer and be there and be available for people as we go forward.

“It will not be easy, we will make mistakes, but we will try to minimise mistakes and we will try and have something which the people of Edinburgh and the Lothians will once again be proud of.

“The name Murrayfield Racers is steeped in history and we are not in this to bring that name down, we’re here to bring that name forward to the top level of ice hockey in the United Kingdom.”