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Players over the age of 8 can take part in a Nerf War at Easter Road’s Famous Five stand on Saturday 16 June.

Nerf War is an activity involving Nerf Blasters or other foam firing toy weapons.

This is the first time that such an event has been held at a UK football ground.

Foam Dart Thunder have been operating Nerf events from their base in Edinburgh for over five years and are currently running events across Scotland and the North of England.

From skate parks to Scotland’s Secret Bunker in Fife, to the award winning Terminal Infection Nerf/Zombie events at Ocean Terminal, they know how to host a successful Nerf War!

On the day, teams will play through four scenarios in two hours after a thorough safety brief. There are three sessions available spaced throughout the day, each with challenges utilising both the ground and upper levels of the Famous Five stand.

To get an idea of what their events are like check out their YouTube channel:


Foam Dart Thunder will be holding a competition exclusive to Hibs fans this week where guests can have the chance to win two tickets for one of the three sessions. For more info email hibs@foamdartthunder.com.