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Nicholls heads Worrall as Tigers dice with Panthers. Picture from George Mutch

Glasgow Tigers’ new track is so wide open you need eyes in the back of your head.

That’s the view of Tigers English-born star Paul Stark, who believes his team will soon start racking up big home scores as they work out the fastest ways round the reshaped circuit.

They have a chance to prove him right on Friday when under-strength Workington Comets visit the Peugeot Ashfield Stadium (tapes up 7.30pm).

Winter work opened up a raft of new racing lines on the track but it also made life harder for the rider in front who is open to attack from inside and out.

During last week’s visit of Peterborough, former Grand Prix star Scott Nicholls was forced to defend his place from Richie Worrall in a controversial heat which saw the pair exchange words afterwards.

It means riders have to get “tough” on each other, says Starke who will assume a new role as Tigers’ No 2 for against Workington.

He said: “You’ve got to keep an eye on the track and have eyes on the back of your head because the circuit is wider now and that has brought loads more lines.

“If you’re in front you feel really, really vulnerable because there’s so much space and you’ve got to go as fast as you can, that’s what this game is about.

“The start and the first bend is crucial and you have to be tough in it. It’s racing and it can be hard at times and things can get heated, like they did last week.

“They’re doing a fantastic job with the track. It’s getting better every week and the racing was great against Peterborough.

“Not long from now, it will come really good and that’s when we’ll have a home track advantage and be able to put in some big home scores.”

Starke will team up with Worrall in a new opening-heat pairing for the Tigers as boss Cami Brown tries to get more out of his side, who’ve been inconsistent so far this season.

It means Lewis Kerr switches to No 3, teaming up with Claus Vissing.