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Don’t go to see Aye Elvis for the music, but do go along for the music. You might not be someone who hates Elvis, but then who doesn’t love Elvis? Such a good looking man, such a good singer, although ultimately flawed like the rest of us.

If there are any Elvis haters, they are certainly not living in Aberdeen.

Morna Douglas is Elvis

Joanie lives there with her ageing mother, and hits the difficulties of all of that spot on, for those of us who have been there.

Gilded Balloon features the very best of Scottish theatre and new writing in Morna Young’s Aye, Elvis which comes straight from the Òran Mór’s A Play, A Pie & A Pint. This is billed as a story about downtrodden escapism, identity and a Doric Elvis.

This is raw emotional stuff with a lot of dreams and aspirations flung in for good measure.

Fat Bob is delightful, Mum is extremely believable (and pretty efficient with the F word) and as a trio they are magnificent. You will have Elvis in your head for days afterwards. But then that is only a good thing, right?

One audience member said on leaving the show ‘an unexpectedly poignant, delightful ensemble piece’.