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Mike McInnes

A new book from Edinburgh author Mike McInnes – Man the Footballer: Homo Passiens is due out at the end of this month.

Man the Footballer is described as an evolutionary spoof targeted at thinkers who enjoy football. It is a book which explores the theory that humans evolved two legs for football, domed head and flat face for subtle and power heading, opposable thumbs for goalkeeping, knock-knees for dribbling balance, and flat and levered feet with non-opposable big toes for shooting!

McInnes, a retired pharmacist, said ‘It’s a really exciting time. I’m delighted to see the book reaching wider audiences, such as the US. More and more people are going to be recognising the evolutionary truth: Football is the highest and most universal cultural and artistic expression of the species Homo!’

Meyer & Meyer Sports (UK) publisher, Martin Meyer, said. ‘We are delighted to have Mike on board. The book is hugely creative, lots of fun and a great conversation piece. Meyer & Meyer has been looking to increase the number of UK sports authors that it publishes, and Mike’s fresh voice and ideas appealed to us greatly.’

Man the Footballer will be available in paperback from all good bookstores and online stores from 27 September.