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On Tuesday night Ishbel Holmes will speak at an event at the Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh about her tours with a bike and a rescued dog.

You can buy tickets here.

Ishbel Holmes with her dog Maria

Ishbel has been cycling the world solo since 2014 and has become a worldwide phenomenon for rescuing injured street animals as she pedals. Before cycling the world Ishbel was a velodrome sprinter for Iran and spent years road racing UK. Her book, ‘Me, My Bike and a Street Dog Called Lucy’ was published this year, and a film script has been written about her life.

She will talk about her life on bicycles, from her earlier years of running away from foster care, being homeless and still trying to go to school, to becoming a velodrome champion and racing for Iran.

Extraordinary tales of adventure and survival coupled with incredible photos of crossing the Andes by bike and pedalling 5000 metres high, cycling through the Pantanal, biking Ché Guevara’s final footsteps, cycling across a country with no money.

She will also recount the tale of the first street dog she rescued while biking across Turkey, her one woman viral protest in Bolivia and how she faces 20 years in prison if she returns to Iran for defending every woman’s right to cycle.

Ishbel is travelling with her adopted dog Maria rescued in Brazil last year.  She will use funds raised by the World Bike Girl UK Speaking Tour for her and Maria to have a home over the winter months in the UK.

Tickets here on the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling website.

Ishbel’s book about her adventures