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Hibs’ Head Coach Neil Lennon described the reaction to Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho’s celebration after last night’s victory over Juventus as smacking of ‘double standards and hypocrisy’ when compared to coverage of his own behaviour.

While many insisted that Mourinho’s action of cupping his ears toward the home supporters was banter, Lennon was vilified for similar antics.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s visit to Pittodrie Lennon said: “I enjoyed Mourinho after the game yesterday, I knew exactly how he was feeling, but the reaction smacks of double standards and hypocrisy.

“That’s where we are with the game up here sometimes. The reaction to Jose was “it’s banter, it’s fun, love it”.

“That’s the mainstream down there, up here it’s goading, inciting violence, inciting a riot. We’re human beings at the end of the day.

“There’s a reason why Jose did it and I totally understand why he did it.

“The whole narrative is frustrating. It’s down to the individuals, hopefully they get them and they are punished severely.

“It has to be a deterrent, the punishment has to make people think I can’t do stuff like that.The authorities should be doing more about it to come up with a solution.

“Is it worthy of a custodial sentence? Maybe. Taking away somebody’s season ticket isn’t enough, I don’t think.”