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RIcky Demarco and other campaigners
Ricky Demarco leads the campaigners protesting outside the City Chambers 22 November 2018 ©2018TheEdinburghReporter


When I asked Ricky Demarco if he felt that the protest was perhaps a little tardy, he replied : “I admit it is a little late but there is absolutley no doubt that this is a tragedy about to unfold if this building is demolished. It is one of the most beautiful buildings that I can think of when I consider my whole life – all 88 years of it. I was educated at St John’s School.

“I would like this to become the number one example of a great building dedicated to the history of Portobello. All we need now is a little time to raise the money necessary for our business plan.”

As part of the Portobello High School project the council decided in 2014 to build a new primary school.

The new school was opened last month.

It is planned that the site of the existing school will become a park.

You can listen to everything else Mr Demarco said to us here.